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How many ways are there to tell stories about a place, especially one as vast as the Pilbara? Perhaps there are as many ways as there are people. Imagine that. For every person, a story of landscape, experience, home.

The Pilbara Project is a large-scale creative experiment: what happens when you bring the world’s most gifted creative people together to explore the expansive desert terrain of the Pilbara using creativity as the compass? A multifaceted, experiential interpretation of one of the most unique places on earth. Over four seasons FORM is taking writers, photographers, visual artists and curators through the Pilbara. Their thoughts, images, stories and renderings are the Pilbara Project.

The Pilbara Project Blog is where some of these stories can be shared. It’s also a forum for stories from anyone, anywhere in the world, who has experienced the Pilbara, or recognises it in the places they have travelled to in their lives or in their minds. Tell us your story.