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The Workshop
Artist, Jon Goulder
Jon Goulder, Leda Seat


Midland Atelier is Western Australia's first creative industries hub located in the old Foundry Building and Pattern Shop of the historic Government Railway Workshop site, in the industrial/historic Perth suburb of Midland. Currently in development but with some studios already home to working designers, Midland Atelier will integrate a culture of creativity and innovation into the social and economic fabric of WA.

Urban engagement through artistic activity

Midland Atelier will be home to an inspired group of artists and designers, working within interactive multidisciplinary studios. With an initial focus on contemporary design, this creative industries hub will attract talented, renowned artists and designers and contribute to the qualities of place that in turn engage residents, consumers and businesses within the wider urban environment.

Cross-disciplinary inspiration

Midland Atelier already encompasses operation design studios in use by local, national and international designers. The Atelier is currently in a soft opening, with the Pattern Shop the home for furniture and object designers. Once fully operational, it will incorporate innovative education models for disciplines including furniture, jewellery, sculpture, multimedia and glass.

Global exposure to creativity and innovation

Midland Atelier’s programming will offer practitioners and innovators exposure to talented, internationally renowned designers through extended residencies. The Atelier will develop national and global networks with special attention focusing on Asia-Australia linkages that allow collaborative and international entrepreneurial innovation, while also helping to address the critical problem of attraction and retention of creative professionals within Western Australia.

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