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ROA : Paradox
Bilby in the Pilbara

ROA is celebrated across the world with his work appearing in public places in almost every continent. His work is finely detailed and captures the character of a place’s local animals – both native and common introduced species. During his time in Western Australia he was provided access to the far reaches of Australia’s North West, completed a body of work as a resident at Midland Atelier, exhibited at FORM Gallery and completed a number of public works throughout the state.

Travelling through remote terrain accessible only via four-wheel-drive or on foot, ROA was hosted by Ngarluma Aboriginal elders and shown places known only to the locals. For ROA the Pilbara is place of paradoxes, where the natural beauty of the land intersects with the flotsam and jetsam of human habitation – disused water tanks, abandoned houses, pieces of car and machinery. Where life and death overlap. Where cultures and histories constantly cross paths. Where urban art meets the outback.

ROA’s experience in the Pilbara informed his consequent exhibition called Paradox which presented highly detailed interpretations of Australian animal species including cassowaries, kangaroos, echidnas, platypus, possums, magpies, falcons and wombats. ROA painted these animals onto, inside and behind vintage cupboards, shelves, doors, window frames, cabinets and other materials salvaged from buildings within the Midland Railway Workshops and found during his regional travels. The exhibition was interactive, with visitors encouraged to open doors, windows and other moveable parts of the installations.