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Energy cities power our world today. Without the resources that flow from these hubs our machines and computers would not work, planes could not fly, cars would be stationary and our houses too cold or too hot.

To date, energy cities have played a crucial role in the development of our global economy and lifestyles.

The Energy Cities research responds to the urgent need to understand the role and future of energy cities.The report explores the state of energy cities relative to each other today and how they are positioned for the future. It highlights critical opportunities that must be grasped now.The Energy Cities Research looks in depth at five energy cities and examines their commonalities and differences: Aberdeen, Scotland; Calgary, Canada; Houston, USA; Perth, Australia; and Stavanger, Norway.

As Perth, Western Australia grows and seeks to establish itself internationally, this publication provides a timely look at its fellow energy cities in order to explore avenues for remaining competitive, capturing talent and establishing its strategy for the future. This comparison aims to shed light on particular opportunities for differentiation and competitive edge, potential for collaboration for mutual benefit, and challenges for the future of the city.

There are many questions raised in this publication, and many more that should be raised in exploring the opportunities for Perth as it strives to be the very best version of what an energy city can be.

How can Perth lead in re-imagining the energy city of the future?

Redefine what it means to be a City of Energy.

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