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We are gathering useful information about local businesses so you can find everything you need in one place. Perth CBD, the once forgotten neighbourhood at the heart of the city, is quietly becoming a hip destination.

Whether you've recently moved to the area, are travelling or simply exploring the best new eateries and hard to find items, our neighbourhood has become an intriguing place to visit.

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Alleyway, 26 Queen St
(08) 9436 0233


383 Murray St
(08) 9321 7606


Basement Level, 21 Howard St
(08) 9481 0092

Bar (1)

250 St Georges Tce
(08) 9481 8400

Belgian Beer Cafe

347 Murray St
(08) 9321 4094

Bobby Dazzlers

300 Murray St
(08) 9338 5000


393 Murray St
(08) 9321 7606


356 Murray St
(08) 9481 3222

Durty Nelly's

Shafto Lane, 397 Murray St
(08) 9226 0233


Rear 101 St Georges Tce
(08) 9321 4422

Moon and Six pence

300 Murray Street Perth WA 6000
(08) 9338 5000

Rubix Bar Cafe

334 Murray St
(08) 9214 4377

The Generous Squire

Shafto Lane, 397 Murray St
(08) 6311 7071

The George

216 St Georges Terrace, Perth
6161 6662

The Republic

Shafto Lane (Wellington St end)

Tiger Lil's

437 Murray St
(08) 9322 7377

Trappist on King

King Street Perth
(08) 9321 4094

Wolfe Lane

Wolf Lane (off Murray Street)
(08) 9322 4671


9 Mary's

16 Milligan St
(08) 9226 4999


Rear of 317 Murray St (behind Pierucci)
(08) 9483 2531

Box Deli

918 Hay St
(08) 9322 6744

Burger Bistro

Shop 16 Shafto Lane, 872-884 Hay St
(08) 9485 1729
This little place elevates burgers to gourmet standard and serves such huge, stacked buns that they arrive skewered through the heart so as to hold everything together.

Cafe Bocca

Shafto Lane
(08) 9226 4030

Cafe Vinyl

2/914 Hay St
(08) 9226 4200
This could possibly be the smallest outdoor café in the world – two tables on the footpath outside the 78 Records music store, serviced by staff in a tiny corner booth.

Cino Cafe

182 St Georges Tce

Dôme Trinity

Shop 1, Trinity Arcade

Dôme Westend

938 Hay St, Cnr Hay & Milligan St
(08) 9226 4060
Founded in Perth in the early 1990s, this coffee house has spread throughout Australia and into South East Asia and the Middle East. Visit and you’ll understand why.


Shop 10, Central Park, 777 Hay St
(08) 9481 1020


Shop 3b, Shafto Lane
(08) 9321 0345

Etro Bistro

49 King St
(08) 9481 1148
Overlook the street from the alfresco area upstairs, or eat downstairs in what has been dubbed “eye candy corner” because you can watch all the beautiful people passing by.


100 St Georges Tce
(08) 9481 8333

King St Food and Wine

127 St Georges Tce (Cnr King St)
(08) 9321 9907
Contemporary Australian and European dishes are served in this airy little café. Sit indoors on bar stools at tall tables – or do the same out on the pavement.


Lower Plaza QV1 - 250 St Georges Tce
(08) 9322 7737
Aptly the name means festival in Japanese. Dine in or, on hot days, eat take-away in the nearby QV1 courtyard where drifting mist from a waterfall may cool you down.

No. 44 King Street

44 King St
(08) 9321 4476

Ristoretto Espresso

160 Central Arcade, 160 St Georges Terrace

Tiger, Tiger

Shop 4/329 Murray St
(08) 9322 8055

Velvet Espresso

Shop 5/172 St Georges Tce
(08) 9322 5209
Groovy little coffee bar with mood created by the dark wood fittings and flamboyant Japanese floral wallpaper by the late and legendary designer Florence Broadhurst.


74 King St
(08) 9481 1772
A warehouse-type space combines a café serving picnic-style food with a men’s fashion store. The entry is via an almost hidden, mural-lined passageway ramp.

FORM Gallery

357 Murray Street
(08) 9226 2161

Hair Salon


808 Hay St
(08) 9226 3722


Comfort Inn Wentworth Plaza

300 Murray St
(08) 9338 5000

Holiday Inn City Centre Perth

788 Hay St
(08) 9261 7200

Ibis Hotel

Melbourne Hotel

942 Hay St
(08) 9320 3303

Parmelia Hilton Perth

Mill St
(08) 9215 2000

Quest West End

Rydges Perth

Cnr Hay and King St
(08) 9263 1800


No 185 St Georges Tce
(08) 9226 3355


Central Park

Cnr Hay and William Street

Public Transport

Perth Train Station

Perth Underground

Wellington Street Bus Station

Retail Store

78 Records

914 Hay St
(08) 9322 6384
Winner of the 2009 ARIA for Best Independent Record Store in WA, 78 Records has now acquired eight of these prestigious annual awards. The music collection is most comprehensive and, with the old record format enjoying a revival, 2000+ titles are available on vinyl. Framed band posters, many autographed, are a speciality. To save you cramming purchases in your luggage, stock can be posted anywhere in the world.

Allanah Hill

(03) 9429 0000


31 King St
(08) 9322 7333

Beyond Skate

15 Howard St
(08) 9481 2299

Billie & Rose

68 King Street
(08) 9322 2202

Boffins Bookshop

806 Hay St
(08) 9321 5755
If you’re looking for a romance novel or spy thriller give Boffin’s a miss, but if you are seeking any non-fiction specialist book then this is your dream store. Downstairs are the titles dedicated to personal and lifestyle topics – health, gardening, travel, art, architecture, fashion and dozens of other subjects – while upstairs are the technical tomes and manuals covering all knowledge areas from astronomy to automobiles.


Wesley Quarter, Hay St
(08) 9321 8955

Burlesque Baby

567 Wellington Street, Perth
0423 140 374
Fashions largely based on corsetry are the domain of Burlesque Baby, where touches of punk and goth meet Hollywood-style glamour. There are impossibly, terrifyingly high heels pasted with major bling elements, plus wigs and other accessories for party animals who like to dress up for entertainment on the dramatic and dark side. A warning to drag queens and other exotic creatures – be ready to thrash the credit card.


Enex100, Shop H118 683-703 Hay St
(08) 9486 1210

Calvin Klein

Enex100, Hay Street Level, Hay St
(08) 9226 4176

Clef Music

904 Hay St
(08) 9322 6988

Country Road

307-313 Murray St
(08) 9321 3700


15 Shafto Lane
(08) 9321 0333
Look for a sign featuring the white outline of a shock-headed cartoon man and you’ve found Crumpler. Cartoon man apparently started life as the logo of a furniture-maker who subsequently changed direction to open a store stacked with every kind of casual bag from backpack to laptop hold-all. Now the cartoon man is the badge proudly worn by all Crumpler bags. A couple of garden gnomes stand guard on the shop-floor.

Cult Status

66 King St
(08) 9481 8886


Enex100, Podium Level, Hay St

David Jones

622 Hay St, Perth
(08) 9210 4000


575 Wellington St (Corner of King St)
(08) 9322 2717
Even if you’re not on the prowl for funky clothes and shoes you’ll be mesmerised by the atmosphere at Dilettante. Old brick and ivy-clad walls, chairs suspended above head height, a stuffed animal, a baroque mirror and wire cages as display units all make for an individual approach. And this is just the women’s store … the recently opened and equally dimly-lit and mysterious men’s shop is a couple of doors away.


331 Murray St
(08) 9481 4947

Elizabeth's Bookshop

820 Hay St
(08) 9481 8848

Empire Toys

1/856 Hay St
(08) 9485 2444

Emporio Armani

Wesley Quarter, Cnr William and Hay St

Fleet Cycles

563 Wellington St
(08) 9481 5448

FORM on Murray

FORM’s retail space is a white cube which creates a perfect foil for the colours of glass, resin, wood, ceramic and handmade fabric items. It connects with the FORM gallery, an intimate exhibition space hosting the work of Australian artists. At the time of review, in-store jewellery – easy to see in glass-topped tables – included silver cufflinks shaped like legendary outlaw Ned Kelly’s square head and body armour.

Ginger's for gentlemen

Shop 2, 317 Murray St
(08) 9483 2532


826-834 Hay St
(08) 9485 1558

Hugo Boss

915 Hay St
(08) 9321 5700

Hunt Leather

30 King St
(08) 9321 8504

Jackson's Drawing Supplies

Shafto Lane
(08) 9321 8707

Jan Logan

T-12 Wesley Quarter, 95 William St
(08) 9481 2996
Semi-precious stones are Jan Logan’s speciality – and you have to wonder why we call them semi-precious when you see their beauty. The advantage, of course, is that you can spend less than a thousand dollars and walk out with a really big rock on your finger. The jewellery designs are unusual – many of them intricate, too - and the range of stones rarely seen elsewhere will interest anyone who is keen on mineralogy.


Shop T21, Wesley Quarter Queens building, 97-101 William St
(08) 9486 4753


29 King St
(09) 9422 3888
Naturally the crisp glass cabinets filled with silvery-white pearls in classic and contemporary settings grab your attention the minute you walk into Kailis – but do check out the décor too, because that colossal orange glass chandelier is a wonder to behold. At the time of review an unusual range featured pearls paired with amber, threaded on fine brown leather for a collection with a more casual effect.

Karen Millen

T7 Wesley Quarter, Cnr William and Hay St
(08) 6365 5127


Enex100, Hay Street Level, Hay St
(08) 6267 9034


39 King St
(08) 9322 2599
Pearls are Linney’s foundation but there’s also a focus on the marriage between pearls and gemstones - in particular, coloured diamonds from the Kimberley region. Pearls of different hues are favoured, too – choose a string of golden pearls or a mix of subtle smoky pink, mauve-grey and faint peacock-green. A short staircase in the store leads to the altar of pearl worship – the consultation desk for custom designing.

Lisa Ho

Enex100, Hay Street Level, Hay St
(08) 9322 4858

Louis Vuitton

33 King St
(08) 9322 2344

Love In Tokyo

2/90 King St
(08) 9226 2110
Look along the street for a wooden dressmaker’s manikin swathed in multi-coloured bands of antique fabric – that’s the guardian standing outside Love in Tokyo. Many of the décor items are distinctly oriental and the handmade clothing, although produced in Western Australia, has touches of an eastern influence with silks and some vintage fabrics. The layered and wrapped look in particular is explored to good effect.


Ennex 100
(08) 6104 9852

Mecca Cosmetica

St Martins Arcade, Hay St Mall
(08) 9221 3000


Shop T8 Wesley Quarter, Cnr William and Hay St
(08) 9321 5530


Shop H108 Enex00, 100 St Georges Tce
(08) 9226 3306

Murano Venezia

Cnr Hay St and Milligan St
(08) 9321 2299

Musgroves Music

900 Hay St
(08) 9322 5597


200 Murray St (within Forrest Place)
(08) 9265 5600

Napoleon Perdis

Enex100, St Georges Tce level
(08) 9481 3811


Shop 3, Arcade 800, 800 Hay St
(08) 9322 1319
You won’t be able to resist the cute tiny clothes if you’ve got a baby or toddler. If you haven’t, you might start trying for a family tonight just for an excuse to spend at Ovest. Customised nursery letters in frames can be ordered. In the giftware range at the time of review were spangled velvet passport holders, rainbow resin chandeliers and many of those other items which none of us knew we wanted until we saw them.

Paul & Joe

Shop T6 Wesley Quarter, 93 William St
(08) 6365 5129


30 King St
(08) 9321 6868


317 Murray St
(08) 9321 5232

Pigeon Hole

7a Shafto Lane
(08) 9321 8112
Winner of the 2009 ARIA for Best Independent Record Store in WA, 78 Records has now acquired eight of these prestigious annual awards. The music collection is most comprehensive and, with the old record format enjoying a revival, 2000+ titles are available on vinyl. Framed band posters, many autographed, are a speciality. To save you cramming purchases in your luggage, stock can be posted anywhere in the world.


772a Hay Street
(08) 9322 7210
This little shop is well-named because a big heart beats within. Clothing, bags and other accessories may be the stock in trade – and thanks, Pulse, for displaying shoes at eye level – but there are often novel items. At time of review these included journals, CD holders, photograph albums and so forth – all with covers made from the folded metal licence plates of deregistered vehicles from every Australian state and territory.

Quality Comics

872 Hay Street, Perth


Shop H113 Enex100, 100 St Georges Tce
(08) 9226 5584

Secret garden

Shop 7/329 Murray St
(08) 9322 5885


82 King St
(08) 9486 8834


36 King St
(08) 9481 7301


32 King Street Perth
(08)9322 7004
With steely black walls and ceiling and a lavishly ornate window, industrial chic meets rococo in the entry to Tarvydas. The interior twilight makes richly coloured gowns glow like neon torches while sequins, sequins and yet more sequins twinkle. Commissioned to clothe Australia’s Miss Universe 2009 entrant, Ruth Tarvydas has also dressed celeb sportsmen’s glam wives and girlfriends to headline-making effect.

Tiffany and Co.

37 King St
(08) 6430 5500


Shop 9 Shafto Lane
(08) 9322 3288


Level One (upstairs) - 44 King St
(08) 9481 8487
Wonderland could almost be a better name for this store where funky international clothing brands are displayed in a gallery space adorned with George Kustorkov’s alloy sculptures. A full-height mural by Sydney artist Ben Frost lines the stairwell. Around the walls is a variety of framed pop art – with some confronting images and social commentaries - by Australian and overseas artists including graffiti masters.

Wheels and Doll baby

26-28 King St
(08) 9481 8488
Leopard print is big at Wheels & Dollbaby – it’s clawed its way off the clothes and on to the carpet. Designer Melanie Greensmith has made a global career out of vintage-inspired fabrics. Many clients are the larger-than-life species – think Pink, Kelly Osborne, Dita von Teese - but there’s plenty for the less famous girl who just craves easy yet edgy streetwear, including tops with the company’s original flamboyant logo.


Shop T22/23 Queens Building, 97 William St
(08) 9481 0723
Most girls know shoes aren’t just covers for feet – they’re objects of overpowering desire which make us go weak at the knees when we walk through the door of Melbourne company Wittner. The sheer variety of unashamedly glamorous sky-high heels, fantastical sandals, beaut boots and comfortable yet cute pumps makes the toes curl. Best is the discount area crammed with shoes which are so still-this-season.


47 King St
(08) 9321 0765


His Majesty's Theatre

825 Hay St
(08) 9265 0900

Tourist Information

WA Visitor Centre

Corner of Forrest Pace and Wellington St
1800 812 808