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FORM’s program areas:

1. Regional Development: creative and community projects initiated for Port Hedland and the surrounding Pilbara region

2. Aboriginal Creative Development: the Canning Stock Route Project and other Aboriginal cultural development projects in the Pilbara, Kimberley and remote Western Australia

3. Creative Capital: Thought Leadership, research and urban strategy

4. Industry Development: Midland Atelier, exhibition development, industry mentoring
When FORM published Comparative Capitals in 2008, benchmarking the performance of Australia’s main cities, our research revealed that Perth has the highest percentage of creative professionals in the country, the majority of which work in science and engineering. Yet between 2001 and 2006 Western Australia lost more creative professionals from media, arts, design and architecture than it gained.

Perth also has a history of producing the highest percentage nationwide of graduates with degrees in creative arts, yet loses most of these graduates over east or overseas; and again, it fails to attract sufficient numbers back as a counterbalance. These statistics point to a Western Australian cultural and creative sector which is talent-rich yet has not capitalised on all aspects of this talent.

The strength of the resource sector and the continued appetite in Asia for Australian commodities have to a large degree cushioned the economy, shaping an affluent, strong state. Yet for Western Australia to remain economically competitive and socially enriched, it must nurture its creative side, its cultural identity. FORM sees creativity and creative thinking as integral to achieving this, and through our programs – all of which are centred around creative development and engagement - we are helping create better places in which to live and work.

For more information contact Executive Director Lynda Dorrington here or on +61 (0)4 0777 1353.