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In remote communities, Aboriginal artists have limited opportunities to access independent income, small business activities or to engage equitably with mainstream markets. In this environment, Aboriginal art development workshops can offer a coherent, culturally appropriate and highly successful combination of social, cultural and economic outcomes.

Let’s Get Started began as a series of Aboriginal art development workshops initiated by FORM through the Courthouse Gallery. The workshops aimed to encourage Aboriginal people from South Hedland to paint and to develop the skills of more established artists. The early success of the program resulted in the establishment of Spinifex Hill Artists, a talented, proactive group who are already exhibiting and earning income from their art.

In early 2011 FORM will open a dedicated Aboriginal arts studio as part of Midland Atelier, which will form the base for a Midland adaption of Let’s Get Started. As with the Pilbara program, it will offer the expertise of experienced art teachers to local Aboriginal artists and newcomers interested in art, in a supportive learning environment.